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Gardening Flowers Family iris

2015-08-01 00:00:00

family Iridaceae

conic, simple, various colors, with bracts, sitting at the ends of stems, mainly six petals arranged in two circles -three from the outside and three inside. Outdoor bent downward, internal are raised, often ends are closed. Ranotsvetuschie varieties bloom in early May, and late bloom until mid-July.

Fruit -box crack inside her wingless seeds, up to 24 pcs. Propagated by seeds and vegetatively. Stratified seeds and sown before winter, up to 20% germination, blooming in the third year. Propagated by seeds in breeding work.


, ie dividing the bushes, pieces of rhizomes kidney -the most common breeding irises. Divide the bushes in the fifth year, one delenka shall consist of one -two units and one fan-like rhizomes beam leaves. Older rhizomes removed. Bloom such delenki in the first year. For intensive breeding using kidneys. Each rhizome is 6-8 dormant buds. Divide the rhizomes so that each part has one kidney, these plants will bloom next year. The soil should be fertile, moderately moist. Planting time -August, September, depth -10 cm H When planting roots shortened to 1/2 part, and leaves -1/3 of the length, while the soil abundantly watered and the first 3 weeks, she should be constantly moist. Autumn leaves are cut at a height of 10 cm using organic and mineral supplements. Used for group plantings, near water and cutting.

crocus, saffron Crocus L.. irises family Iridaceae Juss .. Rod has about 80 species. Motherland -Europe, Asia. Bulbotuberiferous, undersized, stemless, up to 12 cm tall plant with narrow linear beam of basal leaves that appear before or after flowering. Leafless flower spike, from 5 to 18 cm tall. The flowers are mostly solitary, funnel-shaped, white, yellow, orange, purple and violet color. Blossoms -April, May. There are species with autumn flowering. Fruit-box. Corm rounded or flattened.

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