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Gardening worksheet care cherry

2014-09-04 00:00:00

Growing fruit rasteniy.Chereshnya

Cherry-breed quite exacting to soil and climatic conditions. Grows well on loose soils on thick gray soils underlain by a light permeable subsoil, reconciled with some admixture of gravel, does not tolerate saline soils, excess and lack of moisture in the soil.

Trees begin to bear fruit 3-5 years after planting, come into full fruition by 5 -9 years old. Yield depends on the amount of cherries and safety buketnye twigs, only 20-30% of flower buds laid to growth shoots, twigs buketnye at 70-80%.

Most varieties of cherries can not provide high yields with monosort planting and varieties need pollinators. Cherry loves light-textured soils. Groundwater level must be at least 2 m above the ground. Cherry -vigorous and fast-growing species.

Worksheet for courting cherries

A work table explain the basic scientific institutions to create highly productive plantings of sweet cherry and care for them during the calendar year in home and collective gardens.


need only standard cherry seedlings that grow specialized fruit nurseries that guarantee varietal purity and high quality planting material. Basic rayoniruemye and promising varieties are: superearly -Ruby early, Skorospelka; early -Valery Chkalov, Jaboulay, The June early, Priusadebnaya; Averages -Vinca, from Kiev, Tavrichanka, Dniprovka, Kitaevskaya black, Francis; later -Drogan yellow Gedelfingen Napoleon pink, large-fruited, Daiber black, black Melitopol, Space, Surprise.

Cherries in the southern regions of Russia, Ukraine, can be planted in spring and autumn. Transport and plant seedlings at temperatures below 0 ° C should not be.

growing cherries

Cherries in the southern regions of Russia, Ukraine, can be planted in spring and autumn. Transport and plant seedlings at temperatures below 0 ° C should not be.

Planting trees

To dig a hole depth of 60-80 cm and a width of 100 cm Fig. 1, the bottom of which is poured three buckets of black soil and mix it with humus 10-15 kg; top covered with earth. Fertilizers into the pit to add should not -it can cause burns roots of young seedlings and death. If the soil is sandy, the bottom poured a layer of clay with a minimum thickness of 20 cm, tamped and fill the hole with soil fertile as in the previous case.

cherry pick
In the southern areas

at Planting trees on dry sand with 70-100 cm deep bedding of clay layers, pits dug deeper and planting trees, deepening their 40-60 cm above the root collar. With this Planting roots are placed in a moist soil and trees grow better.

To combat the larvae of May beetles and marble before zapravlyaniem pits walls and the bottom was treated with 2% gamma isomer of BHC him. Application rate on light soils hexachlorane -20, heavy -40 grams per hole.

Before Planting a sapling inspect, cut roots damaged by frost, cut resume on broken spines. Seedlings, dried for storage, you need 2-3 days to put in the water. Immediately before Planting roots need to dunk in bumpy clay, to which is added growth substances: 10 liters of turbulence -0.2 grams of IAA or 10 mg indolebutyric acid. Seedlings are planted so that the root collar place grafting cultivar with wilding was 2-3 cm above the soil surface. Keep an eye to the root in the hole located evenly. Soil tamped down. At the same toe of his boot put towards shtambika and heel side wall of the pit. Simultaneously instilled count, which then tie tree.

After Planting around the tree form a hole, the bottom of which should be smooth and roll around her -height close LP, see Regardless of the weather tree watered at the rate of DA-40 liters of water. After soaking into the soil well aligned. Planting tree in autumn spud ground to a height of 30 cm, tied up to the stake after subsidence. Planted trees watered 4-5 times during the spring and summer. Pruned seedlings regardless of the time Planting spring.

most common forms of the trees for cherries on the next page.

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