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Flowers Gardening Pests and their control

2014-09-24 00:00:00

Pests and their control

Medvedka vulgaris Gryilotalpa gryllotalpa. Insect up to 6 cm long, brown in color, lives in the soil, feeding on roots, stems, tubers.

Control measures. Autumn in areas dug pit depth of 50-60 cm, put it in manure here and climbs Mole wintering in cold weather and throw manure removed, mole cricket dies. Spring can be decomposed manure in small groups, where she crawls for laying eggs, about a month manure removed pests and burned. Autumn in the soil make karbation use poison baits grain corn, barley, rye and wheat. Embedded into the soil to a depth of 3 -5 cm

Naked slugs, mollusks. are 2 types of slugs -plow Adriolimax ayrestis and mesh A. reticulats.

Paschen Slug has an elongated body up to 5 cm, painted in bright yellowish-gray tones, and net -fusiform body length of up to 7 cm, gray or brown, light covered with mucus. Slugs are gluttonous and polyphagous they are active at dusk and at night, in cloudy weather -and day.

Control measures. In the evening the plants are dusted with twice 15 min intervals or pulverulent slaked lime either as sprayed superphosphate 0.1% sodium metaldehyde. Autumn soil should be deeply dug.

Root onion mite Rhizogluphus echinopus. Light yellow. Causes great harm and bulbotuberiferous bulbous flowering plants. The body of the tick length of 0.8 mm. Mites and their larvae penetrate into the bulbs and corms through the Donets, feed juice plants. Damaged plants turn yellow and die.

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