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Gardening Flowers, decorative foliage plants

2015-12-10 00:00:00

Arts and deciduous plants
In the decorative landscaping

use plants with beautiful shape and color bushes and leaves. These decorative plants compared with blossoming kept longer.

Many ornamental deciduous plants are subjected to shearing, giving them any form. Tall varieties are used for multiple and single landings. These plants include ornamental cabbage, hemp, castor, kochia, corn, spurge, perilla, cineraria.

Cabbage Brassica L.. cruciferous family Brassicaceae Burnett. Biennial plant, but used as an annual. In decorative floriculture cultivated ornamental cabbage B. oleracea var acephala f. crispa hort .. Very beautiful in group plantings cabbages painted with intense blue and red colors, as well as with green curly leaves. Grown as normal cabbage: sowing seeds in early May in open ground or seedlings, with seeds sown in boxes in April, dive into boxes and in May planted in the ground.

Use in single and group plantings in vases.

Kleschezina, Caster Ricinuc communis L.. Family Euphorbiaceae Euphorbiaceae Juss .. Motherland -Africa. In landscaping used as annuals. There are several types and forms:
Ordinary building up to 1-1.2 m, with large glossy leaves;
k borbonskaya tree up to 3 m, with glossy leaves and red-tinged;
Zanzibar building up to 2 m, with dark red leaves gigantic;
Indian building height up to 1.2 m and almost black trunk and very dark leaves;
K. Gibson up to 1.5 m, trunk and leaves are dark red.

Bushes sprawling, leaves large, on long stalks, light green and bright red. Practicable flowers, small, white, seeds are large, colorful, oily.

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