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Gardening Flowers Borage Family

2014-11-03 00:00:00

borage family

Propagated by seeds that are sown in late May -early June beds open ground, sealed their torfokroshkoy. Seedlings emerge in 2 weeks. A month later, the first thinning is carried out, leaving the seedlings at a distance of 10 cm from each other, the second -at a distance of 30 cm in the second year blooms from June to August. After flowering stalks are cut and re-formed flower arrows. Used for planting along the alleys, sidewalks, in buildings, groups on rocky areas. Myosotis Myosotis L.. Borage family Boraginaceae Juss .. The genus comprises about 50 species. Homeland -Europe, Asia, America.

In floriculture

grown following:
n. Alpine M. alpestris Tiv. Schmidt is characterized by low, up to 10 cm, compact, densely branched bush and abundant blooms from May to June, a sky-blue color;
and. Forest M. sylvatica Hoffm. -densely branched dense bushes with blue flowers, blooms profusely and continuously less than n. Alpine;
K. Wading M. palustris Lam. -bushes up to 30 cm, blue flowers and dark blue, large, widely curls, profuse bloom from May until the autumn.

leaves are oval, pubescent. The flowers are 7-10 mm in diameter, are collected in inflorescence -curl. Fruit -nut. Propagated by seeds and vegetatively. Seeds are sown in May -June beds in open ground. Seedlings are thinned, leaving them at a distance 20X20 see Vegetative cuttings propagated particularly valuable varieties, while in May -June, take apical shoots 4-5 cm in length and planted in shaded beds.

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