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Gardening table grapes SHASLA WHITE

2015-11-08 00:00:00

table grapes

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table grapes

SHASLA WHITE Chasselas dore, Birch Plain white Dink and others. According to origin -the ancient Egyptian variety of national selection. Early high yielding variety. It ripens in late August -early September.

Bushes sredneroslye. Vine ripen well, reddish-brown. Leaves are medium-sized, five-lobed, strongly or srednerassechennye. Bunches of medium size, 192 g weight, cylindric and tapered medium density or dense. The berries are medium, round, yellow-green with brown spots and tan waxy coating. The skin is thin, but sturdy. The flesh is juicy, melting. Tasting score -8.1 points. Sugar content -14.8 g/100 cm3, acidity -7,9 g/dm3.

Frost average. Sredneustoychivy disease. When pruning on fruit escape leave 6-8 buds.

in all areas zoned industrial zone vine culture of Ukraine, including in the southern areas of Zaporozhye, Nikolayev and Odessa and vysokoshtambovoy culture areas.

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