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Gardening Flowers Nodule Bacteria

2014-11-13 00:00:00

Nodule Bacteria

Lupin Lupinus L.. legume family Fabaceae Lindl .. The genus contains 200 species. Homeland -North America and the Mediterranean.


lupine has two-and perennials. In perennial stem roots penetrating the soil to a depth of 80 cm plant height 1 -1.5m annually renewed. Leaves palmately-lobed, fine. Flowers in conical spikes of various colors. Blooms June -September. Winter-hardy, grows best in open, sunny areas, but tolerates partial shade. On the roots are nodule bacteria, which he enriches the soil with nitrogen. Propagated by seeds and vegetatively. Seeds are sown in open ground before winter or early spring. Vegetatively -by dividing the old bushes. Plant transplanted only at a young age.

most common in floriculture l. Multivalent. Stem glabrous, up to 150 cm Leaves pubescent below. Flowers irregular, 2-3 cm in diameter, gathered in long racemes of blue, white, pink, red, purple, mottled coloring. Blooms in June -July, sometimes re-bloom in August. For decorative faded inflorescences are cut.

Use for planting in groups and ridges cutting. Poppy Papaver L.. Papaveraceous Papave-gaseae Juss .. The genus has 100 species. Homeland -Eurasia and Australia. Of perennial species in floriculture common poppy oriental P. orientale L.. Motherland -the Caucasus, Asia Minor.

Shrubs with erect stems up to 100 cm Leaves radical, pinnate, up to 30 cm long. Flowers solitary, diameter 10 -15 cm, fiery red with a black spot above the square base of the petals and with a mass of black and blue around the black stamens pistil capitate. Blooms in May -June, flowering sometimes repeated in August. Fruit -capsule. Seeds are small.

Propagated by seeds and vegetatively. Seeds are sown in early spring. Seedlings dive immediately for permanent as not tolerate transplanting. Vegetatively -root and green cuttings. Cuttings used for the side shoots as small rosettes of leaves with short stems that grow in spring or late summer. Rooted 2-3 weeks. Cold-resistant and light-loving plant, but tolerates and shading. Used for planting in ridges and cutting.

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