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Gardening Flowers Group and single landing

2015-12-21 00:00:00

Group and single landing

Propagated by seeds and vegetatively. Seeds are sown in the spring, but they germinate very bad. Vegetative propagation by dividing the bush in the autumn or spring. Distance between plants 25-35 cm at one place grow 3-4 years. Prefers semidarkness sufficiently humid places.

In floriculture common

well. Arends A.Xarendsii, as well. Chinese A. chinen-sis Maxim, as well. Thunberg A. thunbergii Mig. and a. Japanese A japonica A. Gray.

Use in group and single crop, perennial borders and for cutting.

Aster Aster L.. aster family Asteraceae Dum .. The genus has about 500 species. Motherland -Europe, Asia, Africa, America.

This rhizomatous perennials

with erect leafy stem up to 2 m Leaves alternate, entire or toothed. The flowers are small, clustered in an inflorescence -basket. Marginal flowers ligulate, various colors; Middle -tubular and usually yellow. Single baskets in corymbose or paniculate inflorescence. Fruit -achene, flat, pubescent, with a long tuft, obovate. By the time of flowering asters come in early May-June, mid July -August and late August -September.

Fruit -dvuhgnezdnaya ovoid capsule. Seeds are black or brown, fine. They are sown in greenhouses, drawers at the end of March or in the open ground, then later blooms and seeds ripen. Seedlings are very small, need careful care of their dive at a distance of 3-5 cm from each other, not with excessive and not desiccate.

prefers sunny areas, undemanding to the soil, but grows best in nutrient. When planting a central stem pinch or removed after flowering is longer retains ornamental plant species.

used for decoration of flower beds, miksbordyurov, borders, shear, as pot plants.

China Aster Callistephus chinensis L. Nees. aster family Asteraceae. Motherland -China and Japan. The genus has more than 200 species. Varieties classified by habit bush structure inflorescences and flowers. Annual plant. By the nature of the growth of shrubs are column-to shirokoraskidistoy form. Plant height is divided into three groups: high -50-80 cm avg -30-50 and low -to 30 cm

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