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Annual plant

2014-10-21 00:00:00

annual plant

Bushes height of 50-60 cm, sessile, linear. Tubular flowers are collected in inflorescence -baskets, and are surrounded by a wrapper consisting of white or pink leaves scales that give decorative plants. Inflorescences are at the ends of the stems in the upper parts of the plants, their diameter 4 cm Flowering from June to autumn. At the end of the flowering plant loses its decorative effect.

Propagated by seeds that are sown in April in boxes. Seedlings appear on the 6th day, and then they swoop in drawers or open ground. Seeds can be sown in the open ground in early May. The plant does not tolerate excessive moisture and feeding fresh manure. Mainly used for winter bouquets. Ammobium Ammobium. Aster family Asteraceae Dum .. homeland -Australia. In floriculture common winged elatum D. R. Br .. At home, perennial, but in our country is grown as an annual. Erect, branched at the top of the bush, up to 80 cm basal leaves oblong-oval, whitish, stem -a wing-shaped appendage on the stems. Inflorescence diameter of 1.5 cm, white color.

Propagated by seeds, which are sown immediately after harvest in the open ground. Transplant is well tolerated. Flowering begins in 60-65 days after sowing and continues until frost. Seeds ripen in 40-50 days after flowering. It prefers open, sunny areas.


ammobium mainly for dry bouquets. To do this, cut into florets polurospuske when central tubular flowers still closed reed filmy flowers. Gelihrizum, immortelle, cumin prntsvetnikovy Hellichrysum Mill .. aster family Asteraceae Dum .. The genus contains 500 species. Homeland -Australia.


and annuals are a group of dried flowers-Bessmertniki. In floriculture as annuals widely used gelihrizum prntsvetnikovy H. bracteatum Willd ..

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