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Gardening Flowers Levkoy gray

2015-09-24 00:00:00

Levkoy gray

prefers loamy soil fertile. Require increased soil moisture and air. Best grown in full sun. Most ornamental varieties with double flowers, but they are not tied seeds. Seeds harvested from plants with simple flowers. To get the seeds of future double flowers, you need to take this into account in its collection. Thus, testes with highly developed central axis malorazvetvlennymi produce seeds with a high percentage as compared with the terry highly branched.

pods must be short, thick, nerazdvoennymi ends. When selecting seeds must also monitor their form and size. Triangular shape flattened seeds give a large percentage of the progeny terry than large, well-developed. Seeds stored for a few years, give greater doubleness.

Propagated by seeds only. They are sown from January to May, depending on the group and varieties in pots, boxes and in open ground to a permanent place. Transplant seedlings suffer badly. Freezing carries to minus 5 ° C, so early planting in the open ground has great advantages, since transplanting is a lot of attacks.

Levkoy gray valued for its beautiful, terry with a different color, fragrant flowers. Use for borders, ridges, beds, and cut as pot plant.

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