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Gardening Flowers liquid Bordeaux

2015-10-23 00:00:00

liquid Bordeaux

liquid Bordeaux -one of the best remedies against fungal diseases. To apply 1% of the spraying solution. To this 5 liters of water was dissolved 100 g of copper sulfate. In another bowl, a solution of slaked lime 100 g of lime per 5 liters of water. Solutions were prepared in a wood or pottery, and then filtered through cheesecloth.

solution of copper sulfate with constant stirring, poured into a solution of lime, but not vice versa. The resulting liquid must have a sky-blue color and slightly alkaline. If liquid Bordeaux cooked wrong, when lowered into a solution of iron nail or a knife on them will precipitate copper. For spraying young plants use a 0.5% liquid Bordeaux.

infusion of tobacco or tobacco dust used against aphids and thrips. Method of preparation -200 grams of tobacco dust or better shag infused for 2-3 days in 10 liters of water, stirring occasionally. Infusion is filtered and then added 40 g of soap dissolved in hot water.

soda ash is used in the form of 0.3 -0.5% solution against powdery mildew.

Paris greens used 0.1-0.2% concentration of 10-20 g product per 10 liters of water against all biting pests. To avoid burning the leaves are used in a solution mixture with a double amount of quick lime.

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