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Gardening Flowers Greig

2015-11-21 00:00:00

Greig, its varieties and hybrids.

class combines the natural diversity of tulip Greig, hybrids between them and the tulips and Kafmana Foster, as well as other garden tulips. Characterized by early flowering varieties, strong leaves, large showy flowers with a wide base, a slight bend in the middle and bent outwards wide blunt petals. Flower color is orange, carmine-red, sometimes variegated and colored. Recommended for planting, cutting and forcing. In a class of 205 varieties, the most common: Donna Bell, Grand Calais, Grand Prestige, Margaret Hebst, Plaisir, Red Reading Hood, Oriental Splendor, Yuri Gagarin, etc.

Phlox Phlox L. . Family sinyuhovye Pole-moiaceae Juss .. The genus comprises about 60 species. Homeland -North America. Perennial herbaceous rhizome plant that persists in the ground for many years. In most species of phlox after vegetation aerial part dies. Stems erect, up to 180 cm and end with complex inflorescence -panicle. Inflorescence form globular-conical, cylindrical, umbrella-shaped. There are creeping and branching species. Flowers bisexual, tubular-funnel-shaped, 5 cm in diameter, white, pink, lilac, purple-blue, brick red, violet color. Flowers in the inflorescence from 50 to 200. Fleshy rhizomes branching roots grows 3 mm thick and 20 cm long, with the kidneys resume. Leaves entire, lanceolate. Fruit -celled capsule, the seeds are small, dark.

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