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Gardening table grapes

2014-08-01 00:00:00

table grapes

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Salvia, sage Salvia L.. Family Labiatae Lamiaceae Lindl. Homeland -Europe, Asia, America. Genus includes about 700 species. At home -rhizomatous perennials or shrubs, two-and annuals.

In floriculture

most widespread Salvia brilliant S. splendes Ker. Gawl and her grades with flame-red flowers. It`s a perennial, but is used as an annual. Bush height from 20 to 80 cm Leaves ovate-acuminate.

Flowers in racemes length of 14 -20 cm with fiery red, rarely white, pink, purple coloring.

plant heat and light-loving. Flowering occurs within 100-120 days after sowing and continues until the first frost. Seeds ripen in August. Collect them as they mature. Fruit splits into four nuts. Propagated by seeds and vegetatively -cuttings. Seeds are sown in March in light fertile soil in drawers, scattering dive in boxes or pots. Seedlings are planted in the ground in mid-May, after the frost, at a distance of 20-25 cm, full sun.

Use on beds, flower beds, balconies, stony hills and undersized species grown as pot plants.

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