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Gardening Flowers Florist work schedule

2015-09-24 00:00:00

work schedule grower

1. Systematic verification and maintenance of tubers and corms stored in a vault.
2. Sowing carnation Chabot.
3. Repair inventory promazka greenhouse frames.
4. Disinfection sowing boxes lampions, pots.
5. Acquisition of seeds, tools, fertilizers, pesticides needed to control pests and plant diseases.
6. Scheduling plantings in the garden.

1. Preparing ground mixtures for sowing and picks.
2. Sowing of verbena, snapdragons, lobelia, petunia.
3. Inspection tubers and corms in storage.
4. Landing uterine dahlia tubers to obtain cuttings.
5. A pick carnation Chabot seedlings into pots.
6. Cuttings late varieties of dahlias.
7. Clearing snow from greenhouses.

1. Preparing manure IPT other biofuel stuffing greenhouses.
2. Stuffing greenhouses.
3. Sowing of verbena, phlox, aster Chinese, stocks, snapdragons, gaylardin, sweet peas, etc.
4. Cuttings dahlia.
5. A pick seedlings in pots, boxes, greenhouses.
6. Care corms and tubers in storage.
7. Clearing snow from nurseries.

1. Cuttings dahlia.
2. A pick seedlings in boxes and greenhouses.
3. Planting in pots rooted cuttings of dahlias.
4. Caring for seedlings in greenhouses.
5. Removing the cover from the plants outdoors.
6. Cleaning leaves and last year`s crop residue on beds and flowerbeds.
7. Breakdown of plot for planting.
8. Divide and transplant perennials.
9. Inspection and maintenance of the corms and tubers in storage.
10. Landing gladioli in pots.

1. Planting annuals in the ground.
2. Transplant perennials.
3. A pick seedlings in boxes, pots, soil and greenhouse beds. 4. Care greenhouses.
5. Bringing garden in order -removal of debris, cleaning tracks.
6. Loosening the soil around the plants.
7. Hardening of plants in greenhouses.
8. Fertilizing plants.
9. Systematic control of aphid pests and diseases, blackleg.
10. Spraying phlox, peonies 1% Bordeaux liquid.
11. Bedding wallflowers, sweet peas, phlox.
12. Planting perennials in the greenhouse soil and ridges.
13. Preparing beds, rabatok, beds.
14. Transplanting annuals in the ground to flower beds, ridges.
15. Landing dahlia and Cannes a permanent place.
16. Plant Care open ground: dressing, garter, watering, hoeing the soil, removing weeds.
17. Sowing biennials.

1. Plant Care open ground: dressing, garter, watering, hoeing the soil, removing weeds.
2. Sowing two and perennials.
3. Combating pests and diseases.
4. Digging out of the ground bulbs -hyacinths, tulips, daffodils, etc.

1. Plant Care outdoor: watering, fertilizing, weeding, loosening the soil, garter.
2. Digging out of the ground bulbs -hyacinths, tulips, daffodils and other
3. Harvesting manure for autumn work.
4. Trim faded inflorescences.
5. A pick seedlings biennials.

1. Removing weeds and loosening the soil.
2. Fertilizing plants with organic and mineral fertilizers.
3. Collection seeds.
4. Division, planting and transplanting irises, peonies and other perennials ranotsvetuschih.
5. Alissum mowing plants, ageratum and others to re-bloom.

1. Division, replanting and planting perennials.
2. Landing in soil tulip bulbs, daffodils, hyacinths.
3. Gardening -watering and weeding.
4. Collection seeds.
5. Digging out of the ground dahlia, kan.

1. Digging tubers of dahlias, gladioli corms.
2. Drying and sorting corms.
3. Janitorial winter storage of gladiolus corms, dahlia tubers, rhizomes kann.
4. Threshing and cleaning seeds.
5. Trimming sprouting perennials, wintering in the open field.
6. Preparing the ground for early spring crops.
7. Digging areas and ridges with simultaneous application of manure.
8. Purification hotbeds of land and biofuels.
9. Preparation of soil mixture for greenhouses, boxes, pots.
10. Harvesting leaves for shelter.
11. Gladioli corms Cleaning residues from uterine corms and cleaning them in storage.

1. Revision dahlia tubers, corms and rhizomes kann gladioli in storage.
2. Shelter peat and leaves planting perennials.

1. Corms and tubers partition in the repository.
2. Tidying summer records.

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