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Gardening Grades pollinators of fruit and berries

2015-08-19 00:00:00

best grades -pollinating fruit crops

main varieties
Grades pollinators

Perry Moscow

Kitaika cream

Ural oil

Severyanka Isayev


Ural filler


Birsk pear

Bashkir Beauty

Seedling Titovka

Antonovka Common


Ural winter

Grushovka Moscow

Arcades summer


Ural oil, prize Ural gold, Solntsedar Prize-winning
Anise scarlet,

Antonovka Ordinary

High, Kitaika dessert

Borovinka, Antonivka Ordinary

Anise scarlet, Borovinka

Seedling Titovka, Antonivka Ordinary

Bashkir handsome, anise scarlet, Bashkir handsome

Antonovka Redwood, Bashkir handsome

Favorite, Urals filler

Ural winter, Ural filler

Seedling Titovka, Antonivka Ordinary




Late Pink


Nadezhda Krupskaya, Nezyabkaya, Zaharovskaya

Late pink

Menzelinsky, Zaharovskaya
Menzelinsky, Late Pink
Altai dessert

Bashkir giant



Michurina Memory

Large, Late of Zagorje

Excellent, Mysovka, Beauty Tanning

Dove Stakhanovka Altai Memory Michurina
Mining, Arab Bashkir giant Arab Bashkir giant

Towers, Altai dessert


Late of Zagorje



Beauty Tanning
Roshchinskaya, Mysovka

Mysovka, Roshchinskaya

Excellent Mysovka Roshchinskaya, Mysovka

Beauty Zagorje Roshchinskaya



Good cross-pollination depends on the distance at which houses pollinator. The closer the pollinator, the better pollination, however, intimate seating pollinator leads to an increase in their number and a decrease in the main commercial grade. We can assume that in our conditions well pollination occurs when the distance 25-30 m on the grade-pollinator. In this regard, the width of the band at monosort fruit crops should be no more than six rows.
To guarantee the greatest cross-pollination to each major commercial varieties should be selected two varieties pollinator.
The layout of the main commercial grade Bashkir handsome pollinators and Seedling Titovka Antonivka Ordinary will be as follows:
Seedling Titovka -1 row.
Antonovka Common -1 row.
Bashkir handsome -6 rows.
Seedling Titovka -1 row.
Ordinary antonovka-1 series.
Bashkir handsome -6 rows, etc.
The same placement is applicable to other varieties.
Great help in cross-pollination have insects, especially bees. It`s enough to have a fruiting per hectare garden one or two bee colonies.
Collective and home gardens should consider some features in placing breeds and varieties. Raspberries are best placed here on the south side of the site, since resuming offspring, it is more often spread to the south. With this placement of the rest of its area is not overgrown offspring. Stone fruits give a lot of wild seedlings, and placing them on a separate site much easier to combat it. Gooseberry is a thorny bushes and it should be placed, but the border area, where there are no footpaths.
For currant allocated a special area or she is also placed on the border area.
Strawberries are best grown on separate open, well-lit areas and scavenged. Under the canopy of apple and other fruit crops tall it is strongly affected botrytis.
Well, when occupancy breeds and varieties collective gardens made on previously arranged plan, mandatory for all members of the horticultural society.
In exemplary plans to organize individual and collective cultures in home gardens boled breed of apple and pear are placed in the middle of the plot. With this arrangement, less shadowed stunted culture, moreover, exclude the possibility of shading neighboring plot.
Particular attention should be paid to compliance with the relevant distances between adjacent areas.
Grades pollinators of fruit and berries

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