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Gardening Flowers Pestrolepestnost tulips

2014-06-01 00:00:00

Pestrolepestnost tulips

Pestrolepestnost tulips expressed in mottled coloring on the perianth lobes and whitish spots on the leaves. If a strong disease-color varieties are transformed into colorful.

Control measures. Deleting pestreyuschih plants at the beginning of flowering, the fight against sucking insects, change area.

Along paths

undersized flowers planted: viola, daisies, daffodils, phlox turfy etc. In the distance along the fence, walls -tall and creepers. Making your house facade is achieved by placing a lawn on a background of the group of perennials, small device rabatok, beds of bright flowers. Collection of colors and testes should be planted in the house in the background of an ordinary way, adhering to certain distances between them for easy care.

For decoration and camouflage unsightly outbuildings used creepers -decorative beans and morning glory.

soil in the area, especially under the gladiolus, can etch the infusion needle. To do this, take 2 kg of pine needles, pour 3 liters of water in an enamel pot, bring to a boil. Insist 5 days, filtered. Autumn bulbs after digging the soil dug up and poured a solution of this calculation: 2 liter infusion for 40 liters of water per 1 m2. Remains grounds sleeps tea and coffee are good fertilizer and mulch: to mulch the area weeds do not grow until mid-June, the plants bloom much earlier than usual and bloom profusely. In the spring, after planting gladioli on the ground mixture is poured thick sleeps tea and coffee layer 5 cm

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