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Gardening Apple harvesting and storage

2015-12-11 00:00:00

Growing fruit trees

harvesting and storage

quality and duration of storage of fruits are largely dependent on the growth conditions and the duration of their collection. Circumcision of young trees heavily fertilized with nitrogen fertilizers or pus, bad fruit preserved even under optimal temperature conditions. They swell, turn brown and rot in early winter.


summer apple varieties fruit ripeness film coincides with the consumer. At this time they acquire a distinctive taste for variety, flavor, coloring and easily detached from the branches. The fruits of autumn and winter apple varieties harvested at maturity set, which is defined for such features:
peduncle is easily detached from the twigs, seeds become brown coloring, fruit pulp softens skin colors of green grass becomes yellow or greenish yellow. For late picking fruit varieties mentioned perestyvayut lose flavor, flesh swells and turns brown.

Quality shot

fruit affects their shelf life. Healthy fruit without dents and injuries, not damaged by diseases and pests, placed in storage immediately after removal, always persist longer. Temperature in storage -1-W ° C, relative humidity -80-85%. The room should be aired regularly to reduce the accumulation of carbon dioxide, which is produced during respiration of fruits. At 3.5% concentration is toxic it acts on them.

Before laying the fruit in storage drawers fumigant gray wash or formalin or hot water. Disinfect and also the room in which the fruit store. Set 5-6 boxes of each other in two rows. Fruits are also stored on wooden shelves layer 40-50 cm

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