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berry crops

zemlyanikaklubnika Garden . Strawberries multiplies mustache -long threadlike growth-shoots. To plant on his mustache were stronger prishpilivayut them to the ground. Entrenched mustache separated from the parent plant and planted separately. Mustache for planting harvested from two-three-year plant.

best time for planting strawberries -July-August. Before landing site dug to a depth of 25-30 cm and make 5-6 kg of manure and 80-100 g superphosphate per 1 m2. One-line planting strawberries -25 cm in the row, 60 cm between rows and two-row between two rows of 25 cm, and between the ribbons -60 cm

watered after planting for five or six days until the plants take root.

early spring loosen the soil and fertilized 30-40 g of ammonium nitrate, the second year of 40-50 g superphosphate per 1 m2. After the harvest, it is necessary to destroy weeds and mustache, as they deplete the bush and harvest next year is reduced. If mustache need for reproduction, on the bush leaves no more than two or three outlets, and the rest is removed.

Strawberries in southern watered during the summer 12-15 times. First -before flowering, second or third -after flowering. While collecting berries watered after 5 -7 days. After the end of the collection to fall pour five or six times. To increase the yield, since the age of two, strawberries rejuvenate. To do this, after picking berries all the leaves are cut off at the soil surface. Thereafter, fertilized and watered and loosen the soil. Recommended strawberries keep no more than four or five years. Strawberries should be collected early in the morning or in the evening.

Currant . Currant is black, red and white.


currant cuttings, layering and division of the bushes. Begins to bear fruit from the age of two. Planted with row spacing of 1.5-2 m and 1 m between the bushes dig deep pits 60X60 cm and 6-8 kg added rotted manure and 150-200 g of superphosphate. In the southern region, where there is insufficient rainfall, requires 4-5 irrigations per season. In Central Asia, currants watered during the growing season 10-12. After irrigation or rainfall should loosen the soil. Blackcurrant negative reaction to weed vegetation, so the site should be cleared of weeds. Currants fertilized annually per 1 m2: 30-40 g of nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers -40-50 g of potassium salt 20 -30 g and 2-3 kg rotted manure.

pruning currants spend the fall or early spring before the sap flow.

When autumn clipping shoots dead on strong bushes leave 10-12 annual shoots on weak 5-8, the rest destroyed.

for Plant Conservation winter raspberries bends to the ground and cover crop residues or soil. Open spring bushes.

berry crops

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