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Gardening Flowers Division tuber

2014-12-20 00:00:00

Division tuber

tubers before planting divide, they are cut with a sharp knife into two parts so that each consisted of a piece of korneklubnya and root collar with two or three eyes. Cuts sprinkled with powdered charcoal. Dahlias are planted in open ground in May after the spring frosts, deep in the treated and tucked organo-mineral fertilizers soil. Emerged from the aerial shoots leave 1-2 most powerful, the other cut. To protect against damage, tie them to stakes are driven into the soil before planting. For better development of lateral branches and increase the number of flowers carried pinched, t, is removed the top bud. Require regular watering. After autumn frosts cut stems, tubers are dug, dried and placed in a room cellar, cellar. Stored at +5 C. Used for planting around the house, arbours, along paths, fences, flowerbeds groups and cutting. Gladiolus, gladiolus Gladiolus L.. Iridaceae family Iridaceae Juss .. The genus contains 180 species. Motherland -Africa, South and Central Europe, Asia Minor.

bulbotuberiferous Perennial plant. Stem erect, leafy, up to 1 m or more. Leaves are green, linear or ensiform, stem cover on both sides. The flowers are funnel-shaped, on August 30 PCS collected in one-, two-sided, regular or spiral spike, of different shapes, color. It blooms from July until frost.

Fruit -capsule. Seeds brown, round, oval or cruise.

Propagated by seeds and vegetatively -corms and klubnepochkami baby. Seed propagation is used for breeding new varieties. For rapid multiplication of valuable varieties planted corms up Donets or on the flank. Corms and Babe planted in late April at a distance of 20-30 cm apart at a depth of 7-12 cm

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