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Gardening Flowers Plants wintering outdoors

2015-06-19 00:00:00

plants overwintering outdoors

With the right mix of perennials in the flower beds in the garden can provide continual blooming plants from April until late fall.

Perennials are able to tolerate a decrease in temperature, but the degree of hardiness they are different. Some spend the winter without shelter perennial aster, aquilegia, Astilbe, irises, phlox long, lily, others require a light shelter tulips, hyacinths, daffodils, and such as gladioli, dahlias, cannas, dig in the winter and stored until spring indoors. Therefore, perennial flowering plants in the degree of hardiness are divided into two groups: wintering in the open ground and wintering indoors.

To this group belong perennial flowering plants used in Florist, growing for several years at the same location. In the autumn of each year of their aerial part dies, and in the spring recommenced.

most common plants belonging to this group, it aquilegia, Astilbe, perennial aster, hyacinth, delphinium, bleeding heart, iris, crocus, daylily, campion, lupine, poppy, narcissus, nivyannik, peony, primrose, rudbeckia, tulip, phlox, fritellyariya, host, chrysanthemum.

Aquilegia, columbine, Orlik Aquilegia L.. buttercup family Ranunculaceae Juss .. The genus has about 50 species. In the wild form is common in Europe, Asia and America.

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