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Gardening Flowers saxifrage family

2014-09-10 00:00:00

saxifrage family

In floriculture garden grow many forms and varieties which are descended from a blue A. coeru-lea James, up to 80 cm, with blue and white flowers up to 6 cm in diameter and a common A. vulgaris James, 50-80 cm, the flowers of various colors, with a diameter up to 4 cm

Bushes spreading, up to 100 cm, taproot system, thickened. Leaves twice -or thrice pinnately dissected, with a bluish bloom, decorative retain the entire growing period. Flowers regular, simple or double, different color, diameter 8.6 cm, located on top of the bush, drooping, on long stalks, bell-shaped, often with a spur.

seeds are small, black, oval, shiny. Fruit -leaflet. It blooms from May to July, after flowering decorative decreases, so the faded flower stalks are cut.

Propagated by seeds and vegetatively. Fresh seeds are sown in open ground under the ridge winter. Seedlings dive for permanent, adult plants do not tolerate transplanting. Seed propagation gives a great cleavage, vegetative division of the bush in autumn or spring -the repetition of the class.

Distance between plants when planting `20 -30 cm grows in full sun and partial shade in any soil, moderate watering needs. Used for group planting and cutting.

Astilbe Astilbe Buch.-Ham .. Saxifragaceae family Saxifragaceae Juss .. The genus contains 45 species. Motherland -Asia, North America.

Stems erect, 15 to 200 cm tall. Leaves twice pinnatisect, green or reddish tones and are at the bottom of the bush. Rhizome thick. The flowers are small, clustered in dense branched panicles graceful length 30 cm color of white, pink, red, purple. It blooms from June to July. After flowering inflorescences are cut.

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