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Gardening Flowers Primrose kortuzovidny

2015-11-22 00:00:00

Pimpernel kortuzovidny

Pimpernel kortuzovidny P. cortusoides L., 40 cm high, leaves ovate, pubescent, flowers pink-purple, 2 cm in diameter, are collected in inflorescence -a rare umbrella.

Propagate by seeds and vegetatively -by dividing the bushes and cuttings. Seeds are sown in autumn vintage ridge in the open ground, blooming plants from the seeds of the second or third year. Bushes share in 3-5 years, in the spring or autumn, delenki grow very quickly. Some species are propagated by leaf rosettes, which are planted in May -June ridge.

grows in loose, moist soil in partial shade. Very undemanding plant.

Tulip Tulipa L.. lily family Lilia-ceae Juss .. The genus contains 150 species and more than 5,000 varieties. Motherland -the desert, semi-desert and mountain areas of the Northern Hemisphere.

Bulb, herbaceous perennial plant, growing and developing in the spring for a short period. Stem erect, in height from 5-10 to 70-80 cm Leaves sessile, green, dark green with a bluish waxy coating. Flowers solitary, bisexual, their form varies from goblet, oval, cupped to Peony, lily and parrot. Six stamens, their length depends on the size of the flower. Anthers yellow, brown, purple cherry, dvuhgnezdnye. Celled ovary superior. Fruit-crack box. Seeds flat, yellowish-brown.

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