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Gardening Flowers Longevity Flower

2015-08-23 00:00:00

Longevity Flower

Peonies grow in one place for 15-20 years, so they should be planted at a distance of 70-80 cm from each other. Durability perennial delphiniums is 8-12 years, but the normal bloom observed age five. Seeds of perennial lupine before sowing pour hot water and keep for 2-3 days in moist sawdust in gauze bag and only then seeded into the ground. Lupine plants many years in one place grow up to 8 years. High bouquets of flowers gladiolus, delphinium and other better placed in a vase of elongated, short -in broad low. Vase for flowers must be stable and simple in form, less attractive than standing in her flowers. The best are bouquets made up of one kind of colors with the addition of arranger plant fern, asparagus, asparagus and others.

For fumigation storage use lump sulfur at the rate of 38 g/m3, which is ground, laid out on iron pans with a layer of sand 2-3 cm, mounted on bricks and burn. The door is closed for 1-2 days, after which aired room. Lime Lime milk -20 -30% and 70-80% lime water used in pure form or with the addition of 3-5% aqueous copper sulfate to disinfect storage, greenhouses, hothouses. Against Fusarium asters and use slaked quicklime in an amount of 20-50 g/m2 soil, rust-carnation of 100-200 g/m2.

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