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Flowers Gardening Planting bulbs

2015-10-12 00:00:00

Planting bulbs

Tulip bulbs are dug in late June, when the sheet has dried Ouse. Planting tulip bulbs produced in the second half of September to October 10. When tulips vase life of flowers on a plant is recommended to allow at least two leaves, to ensure the normal development of the remaining bulbs in the ground. Best time cutting tulips -on the eve of opening of a flower or bloom on the first day, early in the morning until the flower has not yet been revealed. If tulips and daffodils grow an onion, cut flowers without stem removal as part of the flower stalk with leaves reduces the quality of the bulbs and reduces its size.

Pestrenie tulips -a viral disease, so it is recommended to remove the plants with bulbs. Prerequisite for growing tulips -change of cultures, return them to their original location can be in 4-6 years. Best predecessors under bulbous crops are potatoes and vegetables. To get flowers gladioli 3 weeks earlier, in mid-March corms were grown in paper cups. The best time of division and planting bulbs lilies -the first half of September or early spring.

To protect from overheating bulbs lilies soil mulching with sawdust.

Large bouquet of lilies because of the strong flavor causes a headache, so the room does not put more than one -two flowers, and at night they are encouraged to learn from the room in which sleep.

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