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Gardening table grapes Sabbat

2015-12-19 00:00:00

table grapes

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table grapes

Sabbat . Local Crimean very late high yielding variety. Matures in mid-October.

Bushes vigorous. Vine ripen well, light brown. Leaves are medium sized and large, rounded or ovate, with three and five,. srednerassechennye. Bunches of medium-sized and large mass of 354 g, cylindric, sometimes lobed, loose, medium density. Berries are large, oval to oblong, light green and greenish-yellow, a sunny side with brown spots tan. Peel very thick, the tart. Plotnovata pulp, slightly crunchy. Tasting score -6 points. -17 G/100 cm3 sugar content, acidity -6,9 g/dm3.

storability and transportability


resistant to frost and late spring frosts. Slightly amazed mildew and botrytis, but is susceptible to mildew. It grows well and bears fruit in different soils. On vysokoshtambovom dvuhplechem cordon to escape when cutting the fruit leaves no more than 6-8 buds.

zoned in Crimea.

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