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Gardening Flowers Planting flowers in the ground

2014-07-20 00:00:00

Planting flowers in the ground

boxes, pots, bowls poured a mixture of sod and leaf soil and sand in the ratio 1:1:1. Seeds are sown usually scattered on the thickness of the seed and watered from a small sieve. Crops contain in the room, a greenhouse at a temperature of 18-20 ° C, with the sprouts after about 6-8 days the temperature was lowered to 15 ° C. When the seedlings appear pair of true leaves, they dive into the ground greenhouse, boxes, pots or ridge at This stub is shortened to 1/3, which promotes a more vigorous root system. Before planting, the soil is hardened plants for two weeks, ie, gradually accustom to environmental changes.

Plants are planted in the ground when bypassed spring frosts on cloudy days, and on a sunny day -in the evening. Landing technique is simple: make the right hand recess and left the plant is placed so that the root system was well expanded. Then pressed against the ground with both hands to the roots, and the resulting hole is left for the detention of water around the plant during watering. Periodically watered them to complete survival.

Vegetative reproduction. Perennial flowering plants are propagated not only by seed, but also vegetatively -rhizomes, dividing the bush, cuttings, layering, bulbs, tubers, corms.

Vegetative propagation has the advantage compared to the seed as guarantees offspring, fully preserving the properties and characteristics of the mother plant. In some species bloom at vegetative propagation occurs earlier.

Division bush or rhizomes -widespread and simplest way of vegetative reproduction of flowering plants outdoors. Plants blooming in early spring, divide and seated in late summer and autumn, blooming in summer and autumn -fall and spring.

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