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Gardening Cherry crown formation and pruning of trees

2015-08-12 00:00:00

Growing fruit trees

crown formation and pruning. The main type of crown -rounded with reduced fruiting zone, which is most convenient for harvesting. On private plots and collective gardens, where the soil is treated by hand, the crown should be formed on the lower bole 40-70 cm or without trunk with compact lower tier branches that hang down to the ground.

Trees that have a weak growth, not cut, and those who grow up prisazhyvyut.Dlya this center conductor greatly shortened or cut with other vigorous shoots.

the third and following years continue to shape the skeletal, half-skeletal and fruiting branches on the same principle as described above. In the fruiting period not allow thickening crown expansion it up and intercropping. Thinning crown ring removed on dry, broken twigs and underdeveloped, and more developed that hanging and face other, shorten the side chain branching. Upper part of the crown thin out stronger than the bottom.
Fig. Figure 5. Figure 6. 7

cherries can be grown planar crown shape with a smaller width between rows 3.5-5 m from 5-7-year after Planting, branches that grow in sides of the aisle, every year or a year to shorten the side to thickness crown was no more than 2-2.5 m Tree crown shape with a planar thin out less than a round.

pruning cherry  Pruning cherry in the second year after planting Pruning cherry on the third year after planting Pruning cherry in the fourth year after Planting  Pruning skeletal branch cherry


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