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Gardening Flowers Working with pesticides

2015-06-19 00:00:00

Working with pesticides
Paris green

mixed with a little water and triturated until a wooden stirrer creamy state, after which 5 L of water was added. Lime quenched before use in a small amount of water and poured into a solution of Paris green. The solution was filtered through a filter or cheesecloth.

With pesticides should observe basic safety rules:
1. While working with pesticides should be used with special clothes;
2. Thoroughly wash and wash hands with soap after work;
3. Do not eat or smoke in working clothes;
4. Avoid storing poisons in a residential area;
5. Thoroughly wash the equipment, and the remnants of poisons pour or pour into a pit and covered with soil.

can not spray and pollinate plants in high winds, during or immediately after a rain.


hotbeds, greenhouses, storage boxes and other seeding equipment to destroy fungal spores, insect eggs and larvae of one of the following solutions:
1. 400 g of bleach to 12 liters of water;
2. Formalin for 1 hour with 40 parts water;
3. 300 cm3 kreolina 12 liters of water, then disinfect the room is well ventilated;
4. 6% solution of ferrous sulfate.

soil, greenhouse and greenhouse wall frames can sulphurise 30 g/m3 lump sulfur.

Steaming soil. Land put on a baking abundantly watered, cover board, left for 20-30 minutes on the stove. Once the board starts to come out from under the steam, the soil can be considered sanitized. In such soil perish root nematode, mites and other pests, and pathogens.

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