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Gardening Flowers Saving decoration

2014-12-13 00:00:00

To save

decorative flowering period and lengthening the period of mass education seed plants trimmed to 5-8 cm

Propagated by seeds, cuttings less. Seeds are sown in April in boxes or greenhouses. Seedlings are planted from May 5 at a distance of 20-25 cm grows well and blooms profusely in full sun with fertile soil. Very heat-loving plant, with the most minor frosts killed. Requires moderate watering. Tolerates shearing and trimming, after which blooms profusely again.

rabatok used for decoration, flower beds, borders and rocky alpine areas.

Alyssum, alyssum, kamennik Alyssum L. cruciferous Brassicaseae Rurnet. In the genus has about 100 species. Motherland -Southern Europe.

perennial plant, but in our climate is cultivated as an annual. Compact bushes, sprawling, low height of 10-15 cm, with numerous thin branches and small white or purple, very fragrant, reminiscent of the smell of honey, flowers, gathered in thick brush. It blooms from June until frost. Propagated sememes. They are sown in the ground in late April or early May, well propagated by self-seeding.

used for decoration borders.

Antirrhinum, snapdragon Antirrhinum ma jus L. family figwort Serophulariaceae Luss .. Motherland -Mediterranean. The genus contains 400 species. At home it is a perennial plant grown in southern Ukraine as two-and perennial. II temperate and northern latitudes cultivated as annuals.

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