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Gardening Flowers of the buttercup family

2014-12-24 00:00:00

buttercup family

Delphinium, larkspur, delphinium Delphinium L.. of the buttercup family Ranunculaceae Juss .. Rod has about 420 species. Homeland -South and North Europe, Asia, North America.

Bushes powerful. Stems smooth, straight, branching from the base, the height from 50 to 120 cm Leaves palmately lobed, large, on long stalks. Flowers irregular, simple, semi-double, double, with an elongated spur -nectary, up to 5 cm in diameter, are collected in racemes, up to 1.2 m brushes are loose and tight. Fruit of one or mnogolistovka.

flower color is white, blue, blue, purple and brown or black eyes. Flowers in July. After flowering loses decorative.

Propagated by seeds and vegetatively. Seeds in May. Seedlings dive into the ridge and they bloom in August. Vegetatively propagated by dividing the bush and softwood cuttings. Bushes shared weight-ion and autumn. Each delenka should have 4-5 buds and shoots well-developed root system. Incision site sprinkled with crushed charcoal. Cuttings in early spring when the stems reach 10 cm in height. Shanks cut the top part of the shoot. They are put in boxes with sand. 3-5 weeks to receive the cuttings root system, after which they are planted in ridges at a distance of 50X50 cm at one place grows 4 -5 years. Prefers sandy loam soil, rich in humus, moderate watering, land open, sunny, but can grow in partial shade. Used for single and group plantings and cutting.

bleeding heart, diklitra broken heart Dicentra Bernh .. Family dymyankovye Fumariaceae D. C. The genus contains 15 species. Homeland -North America, Eastern Asia.

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