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Gardening Flowers axillary shoots

2015-06-02 00:00:00

axillary shoots

Shelter -the protection of plants from freezing and the weakening of sharp temperature fluctuations, especially during the thaw, which alternate with frost. Bulbous hyacinths, lilies, daffodils, tulips sheltering leaves, straw layer to 15 cm after the soil is frozen to a depth of 3-5 cm, biennials viola, daisies, carnations draped fir or pine branches, and that protects against rodents. Shelter early spring shoot, especially should not be delayed with bulbous perennials to avoid damage of germs, as they start to grow sooner.

Pasynkovanie used to enhance the development of the main shoots. Axillary shoots or suckers removed as they appear with a knife or by hand without damaging the stem. Pasynkovanie carried out to give the plant shtambovoy form more large flowers such as peonies have removed the side buds on the stem and leave one central bud.

Fertilizers in the first 5-6 years do not pay if they were introduced into the soil and planting hole before Planting. When Planting trees without fertilizer in the first year made only nitrogen or organic humus, bird droppings in the reconstituted state in the next few years -complete mineral and organic fertilizers such rules, per 1 m2: simple superphosphate 30-35 g., Potassium chloride, 15 -20, urea, urea 15-20; humus 3-4 kg after 2 -3 years, humus, diluted with water 2-4 times -0.6-0.8, bird droppings, diluted with water 8-10 times -0.06-0.1 kg .

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