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Gardening Flowers polukustarnikovo peonies

2015-11-13 00:00:00

polukustarnikovo peonies

polukustarnikovo peonies have lignified shoots up to 3 cm thick and up to 2 m long, which exist 2-3 years, then die and new ones grow. Nemahrovye flowers, white, pink, purple, often with a large stain on the basis of velvet petals, diameter up to 25 cm

Propagate by seeds and vegetatively -by dividing the bush, stem and root cuttings, layering and kidneys resume.

Seed propagation is used in breeding. Division of the bush -the most common way of growing peonies, which is carried out in August. Each piece must have 3-5 stems with 2-3 buds resume and root length up to 17 cm slices sprinkled on the roots of charcoal.

prefers cultivated and fertilized soils. At one point rising to 8 years. Land should be open, but can grow in partial shade. In winter peonies spud ground or sprinkled peat layer up to 20 cm in spring razokuchivayut. Used in groups and single crop, for cutting. Primrose, primrose Primula L.. Primulaceae family Primulaceae Vent .. Rhode comprises about 600 species distributed around the globe. Rhizomatous, perennial, stemless plant with a rosette of basal leaves and low flower arrows. Seeds are small. In floriculture cultured two groups of primroses -dirt and potting.

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