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Gardening green and spicy vegetables

2014-10-06 00:00:00

Annual leafy green vegetables and spicy

Leafy vegetables -Diet foods that are mainly used in raw form. They are cold-resistant, moisture-and light-requiring, short-day plants. Are highly demanding of nitrogen and phosphorus. Leafy vegetables are best placed as a seal color and early cabbage. Can also be used in early spring beds intended for cucumbers, tomatoes, beans, squash.


salad is iceberg and leaf. Sheet is better to use as a sealant feeding area 8X5 cm, dropping his day with cabbage seedlings. Seedbed then coated film shelters. When grown on a separate bed of lettuce should be placed in rows at a distance of 8-10 cm, 0.3-0.4 g/m2. In phase 2-3-leaf crops should decimate 8X6-8 cm and hold fertilizer nitrogen fertilizers 10-12 g per 10 liters of water, adding 2-3 grams of trace elements: boron, manganese, and zinc. The best time cleaning lettuce-leaf JavaScript 7-10 cm length of 8 Iceberg lettuce is less common agricultural cultivation is the same, but the distance between plants in a row 20 -25 cm Cleaning selective when cabbage formed a diameter of 5 cm -6


Dill -annual cold-resistant culture. Height reaches 80-100 cm stalks young green is used as a seasoning for soup, salad, meat, vegetable and fish dishes. | In the technical maturity has a higher content of essential oils, used as a spice and preservative in pickling, pickling vegetables, especially cucumbers.

Grades: Alligator, Gribovsky, Umbrella, Anna, Brawler, Lesogorsk, Fireworks, Patterns.

Dill grows well in loose, nutrient-rich soil. Sown before winter or early spring, at intervals of 10-15 days, to provide a kind of green dill conveyor. Row spacing -25 cm planting depth-1 ,5-2 cm seeding rate on the greens -2-2.5, for pickling-1-1, 2 g/m2. Clean greens as needed, leaving the plants in a row over 3 cm garden fennel sown as sealant. Care consists of loosening the soil, removing weeds and watering.

for salting and pickling dill vegetables harvested in the technical maturity, when the seeds are ripe and accumulate the highest amount of essential oils. Torn and bound in small snopiki dill hung in a ventilated place under a canopy. For winter use dill pickle and dried.


Spinach. In the food consumed leaves in boiled or mashed form for soups and purees. Spinach is resistant to frost, demanding humidity and soil, is very responsive to fertilizer. However, the introduction of fresh manure or nitrogen only harvest although it rises, but palatability much worse. Therefore, it is necessary to sow spinach second crop of organic fertilizer in two periods: autumn and spring. Ground under autumn sowing should be prepared in advance. Seeded spinach with aisles of 15-20 cm Seeding depth of 1.5-2 cm Seedlings emerge on 5-6th day, with dry weather in the spring on 15-20th. In such cases the loosened surface of the soil. Seedlings usually not thinned. Spinach removed after the formation of three leaves in one or several stages, with the growth of plants, but before mass bolting when they stiffen and become unfit for human consumption.

Modern varieties of spinach

Victoria, Stoic, Giant, Matador, Industry, Viroflay, Uteush.

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