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Gardening Flowers solanaceous Solonaceae Juss

2015-11-27 00:00:00

solanaceous Solonaceae Juss

Petunia Petunia Juss. The genus contains 25 species. Homeland -Brazil, Argentina. At home it is a perennial plant and floriculture grown as an annual.

Shrubs erect or creeping, gustovetvyaschiesya height from 20 to 70 cm, shoots and leaves pubescent. Flowers are funnel-shaped, of different sizes, from 4 to 12 cm in diameter, simple, double, and winding fringed edges. Flowers color from pure white, pink, blue and green to dark red and dark purple, almost black color, there are varieties with variegated coloration.

Photophilous plant, so it is planted in a sunny spot. Grows in any soil, but large-and full varieties are more demanding to heat, moisture, nutrition conditions.

Propagated by seeds and vegetatively -cuttings. Seeds are sown in March in boxes at a temperature of 18-20 C, seedlings appear on 5-6th day. Dive plants in boxes or pots. Terry varieties with seed reproduction give 40% terry plants, so often they are propagated by cuttings. The mother liquors terry winter varieties in bright rooms on the front porch at 10 -12 C. They must be timely and ventilate very moderately watered. In January -February start for propagation. For this purpose, 6-8 cm long stalks, cut them below the 2-4-leaf stage, planted in boxes in the sand or perlite, nutritious earth nasypannye top layer 2 cm in 3 weeks rooted cuttings are planted in pots with a mixture of turf land and sand. When the plants reach 15 cm in length, they are cut, leaving 3-4 well developed leaves and the cut part of the cuttings.

thermophilic plants and are very sensitive to lower temperatures, so plant them in the open ground is necessary to May 10. If the seedling has grown, it can be cut. Seedling survives very bad, so it should be transplanted with a lump of land, previously abundant watering. Distance between plants 25X30 cm If the plot poorly lit, plants are pulled and not bloom. On soils, abundant tucked organic fertilizers zhiruet and also does not bloom.

used for decoration of flower beds, rabatok, borders, balconies and as pot plants.

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