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Gardening Flowers tulips Types

2014-08-27 00:00:00

Species tulips and hybrids
Plants of this group

undersized by 15 cm tall. The flowers are very bright, most large, but very gentle, do not withstand transportation. Bloom very early, 2-3 weeks earlier than the other -from mid-April to mid-May. Recommended for use in landscaping, especially in rock gardens, they are spectacular, curbs, groups on lawns, stony hills.


class includes varieties of tulip clones Kaufman and his hybrids with tulips Greig, Foster and other species. Plant height of 12-25 cm, the flowers are large, cupped or stellate, painting red, pink, characterized by early flowering period, different colored inner and outer sides of the petals, the ability during the day several times to change its color. Recommended for rock gardens design, landscape gardening and early forcing.

In class 57 varieties. The most popular -Antsilla, Bellini, Duploza, crown Skarlit Babe, Stresa, Shakespeare.

Foster, its varieties and hybrids. This class combined clones and hybrids tulip Foster with other species and varieties of different classes of garden tulips Darwinian, Triumph, Mendel. Plants bright green, shiny leaves, broad, with brown spots and stripes in some cultivars. Flower color is mostly red, sometimes yellow and pink, flower shape is close to Darwin`s hybrids. Recommended for planting in rock gardens, landscape design, cutting and forcing early. Brings together 77 varieties. Most popular Lenins Memorial Easter Glory, Easter Parade, Dana, Toulon, Salute, Honorouz, Yuromast.

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