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Gardening Cut Flowers sprouting terms

2014-12-19 00:00:00

terms germination

The largest seeds are divided into tiny lobelia -1 g contains up to 250 thousand units., small scented tobacco, petunia, ageratum, Antirrhinum, purslane -1 g 5 to 12.5 thousand units., average asters , gillyflower -1 g 500-600 pcs., large zinnia, balsam, calendula -100-300 units, very large fragrant peas, nasturtium -from 1 to 35 units. Of seed size and seed rate depends: the smaller the seed, the less they are seeded at 1 pm

To reduce the time of seed germination, seedling more amicable, healthy plants are subjected to special treatment, which consists in etching, soaking, stratification, freezing, cooling or scarification.


protects seedlings from fungal and bacterial diseases. Processing is performed by dry or wet method. When dry etching is used at the rate of drug TMTD 4 g per 1 kg of seeds. Etching is carried out immediately before sowing. Wet etch processing of seeds is 40% formalin solution 1: 10 for 50 min; 0.2% solution of potassium permanganate for 15 minutes or 0.2% suspension of 50% TMTD for 15 min. Seeds are immersed in a solution in gauze sacks and then dried and sown. Keep the seeds for more than two or three days is impossible, as they lose their germination.

Soaking seeds before sowing speeds up germination. Seeds of sweet peas, morning glory, nasturtium and other during the day are kept in warm water of 25-30 ° C, then slightly dried and sown.

freezing reduces the period of germination. These seeds give friendly shoots resistant to low temperatures. To do this, they poured into gauze bags and buried in snow until spring for example, peonies.

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