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Gardening Flowers Health restoring soil

2015-07-20 00:00:00

Health restoring soil
Snow water

favorable effect on the development of seedlings and mature plants. For this snow water heated to 50 ° C, poured into it, and the seeds are left in the water as long as it cools. The seeds are then dried and sown, and further watered crops melt water, heated to 25 ° C. Plants grown in this manner are well adapted in the open ground, grow faster, bloom profusely, improving their color, they are more resistant to disease.

When planting gladioli under winter baby And part corms immediately after harvesting is etched in dark cherry solution of potassium permanganate, dried indoors in late October and planted at a depth of 20 cm, and the crops are covered with a layer of straw 18-20 cm plants overwinter well bloom a week earlier, flower arrows straight and strong.


tagetes revitalizes soil, strongly inhibits the development of nematodes that damage the bulb culture, strawberries, potatoes.


tomato seeds to sow in one box, then the latter will not hurt blackleg. Outdoors for every 10 plants wallflowers desirable plant one tomato plant. Tomatoes can be planted between other flower crops, the latter are not susceptible to diseases and pests are not damaged.

To combat

Medvedki effective soapy water: 10 g of soap or 3 tablespoons of washing powder in 1 liter of water. Moves chirruping pour this water. Insects appear on the surface of the soil very quickly -within 1-2 minutes, collect and destroy them.

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