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Gardening Grapes CARDINAL

2015-08-20 00:00:00

table grapes

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table grapes

CARDINAL. Bred in the USA Flame Tokay X Alphonse Lavallée. Superearly quality grade. It ripens in mid-August.

Bushes sredneroslye. Shoots ripen satisfactorily, bright brown, dark brown knots. The leaves are large, three-, five-lobed, shiny, srednerassechennye, downy. The clusters are large mass of 382 g, cylindric, loose, ripen simultaneously. Berries are very large, round or oval, violet-red with smoky wax coating. Flesh fleshy-juicy, crisp with weak muscat flavor. Tasting score -8.8 points. Sort thermophilic.

Sugar -15.6 -18 g/100 cm3, acidity -8-7 g/dm3. Berries good transported.

susceptible to diseases, especially mildew. Very damaged by frost, resistant to adverse conditions during the flowering period. When pruning on fruit vysokoshtambovyh formirovok escape is left for 5-6 eyelets.

zoned in Crimea, IV and V zone Nikolaev Odessa area.

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