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Gardening Flowers Garden daisy

2015-06-14 00:00:00

Garden daisy

All cultivars called "garden daisy."

Peony Paeonia L.. Family Peony Paeonia-ceae L.. The genus contains 50 species. Motherland -the Northern Hemisphere. Distinguish peonies and herbaceous subshrub. Grasslands have a powerful fleshy fusiform roots, reaching a depth of 90 cm stems erect, slightly branched, up to 100 cm tall, flowers or a simple dressing, white, red, pink, with a diameter of 20 cm, flowers in May -June. Leaves are alternate, twice or thrice dissected, dark green.

In floriculture

widespread following: § tonkolisty P. fenuifolia L., up to 50 cm; flowers dark red, simple or semi-double flowers in May;
§ medicinal P. officinalis L., up to 80 cm, dark red flowers, simple, single, blooms in June;
§ belotsvetkovy P. albiflora Pall., up to 100 cm, the flowers are white or pink-red blooms in June;
n the spring P. vernalis Mande, up to 35 cm, white flowers, blooms in May.

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