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Gardening Flowers Increased copper content in the soil

2014-11-20 00:00:00

Increase in soil copper

Regular heavy application of norms of phosphate fertilizers leads to soil zafosfachivaniyu that adversely affects the availability of trace elements to plants, contributes to premature aging of the plants infected with leaf chlorosis.

Increase in soil copper observed with frequent application of fertilizers containing copper. When used as potash potassium chloride in the soil creates an excess of chlorine, which disrupts the flow of water in plants and inhibits the development of the root system.

Most flowering plants

developing better on a slightly acid or neutral soil pH 5,9-7,0. In acidic or slightly acidic soils make 200-400 g/m2 lime. It not only neutralizes acidity, but also turns trudtsorastvorimye soluble compound, simultaneously creates unfavorable conditions for the development of certain pathogens and pests.

Some flowering plants, such as gladiolus, in the early growth and development, is growing at more alkaline soil solution, and the intensive development of generative shoot -at neutral or slightly acidic. Irises conversely, when a neutral or weak alkaline soil reaction.

weak acidification or alkalization of the soil solution during the growing season to the soil making exercise alkalizing or acidifying fertilizer.

Flower plants propagated by seed and vegetatively by separating it from the mother plant parts -leaves, buds, shoots, twigs, roots, tubers, etc.

Reproduction seed-main method of reproduction annual flower plants. When breeding perennials this method often used not hook as many seeds germinate poorly of them, and not always appearing offspring retain the characteristics of the mother plant for example, peonies, irises, phlox, delphiniums, bloom later -in five or six years.

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