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Gardening planting cherry

2015-12-12 00:00:00

Growing fruit rasteniy.Chereshnya

Tapered crown. In this backyard gardening krone comfortable enough. After Planting yearlings shorten it to 70-80 cm from the ground. In June, determine the center conductor and two oppositely arranged side branches. The remaining branches are cut. In March next year, the lower branches are pruned to a length of 45-50 cm from the base, and the center conductor -above the cutoff lateral branches 15-20 cm in May this year on the trunk at a distance of 50-60 cm from the lower tier is selected even two oppositely placed future branch. Strong shoots competitors in this place break out. Trees sredneroslye sweet cherry varieties can be formed of four branches located in two tiers pairs. After laying the upper tier of the center conductor cut off the weak side branching Fig. 3. At vigorous varieties can not form the crown of the two tiers of branches, and of the three main branches 6. Second-order branches lay as well as in the formation of sparsely tiered crown. With strong growth shoots in the southern regions to accelerate the formation of the crown and improve branch branches in the first 3-4 years it is advisable to shorten the shoots elongation, which reached lengths of 50-60 cm Carry it in the third week of May or first -in June. At the same time competitors and shoots that thicken the crown, breaks off, and shoots that leave for the main branches are pruned by a third. The remaining strong shoots to turn into cluttered sprigs shortened to 4-5 lower kidney.

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crown cherry
types of cherry tree crowns


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