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Gardening Flowers Carpet plants

2015-07-02 00:00:00

Carpet plants

Bushes with thin stems, up to 60 cm Leaves lanceolate, whitish pubescence on. Inflorescence simple and double, up to 4 cm in diameter, with white, pink and purple coloring.

Propagated by seeds, they are sown in the open ground in the last week of April. Prefers light soil and open sunny areas. Mainly used for making dry flowers. To do this, cut into florets poluraspustivshemsya condition as after flowering they darken and become a dirty yellow.

Plants of this group are characterized by low growth and beautifully colored foliage. Most of them come from tropical countries, so in the cold season, they should be kept in the room on the verandas, balconies, in greenhouses or in cold greenhouses.

Use these plants in flower-carpeted for making portraits, paintings, calendar, borders, patterned rabatok, etc.

Al.ternantera Alternanthera L.. Family amaranth Amarantaceae Juss .. homeland -Brazil, Ceylon.

perennial plant, but in our country are grown as annuals. Compact shrub, up to 15 cm Prized for beautiful shape and color of leaves. In the culture prevalent following:
and. beautiful A. amoena. Leaves prodolgovatoovalnyh to narrowly elliptical, shiny, carmine or red-orange with bronze-green tint. Petiole short;
a. Betzika A. bettziciana. leaves spatulate, the apex pointed, with a long handle, olive-green Covo with yellowish-white spots, Karmazinov with white and olive green spots;
a. barb A. paronichioides. Leaves uzkolopastnye, curly, brown-red, dark pink tip;
a. colored A. versicolor. A compact plant to 15 cm tall, leaves spatulate or oval, slightly wrinkled, whitish, dark red.

Alternantera prefers open, sunny, well-fertilized plots with sufficient irrigation, tolerates a haircut.

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