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Gardening Flowers ahromchat zelenotsvetnye and

2015-06-10 00:00:00

fringed and zelenotsvetnye

characteristic feature class is bristly fringe on the edge of tepals. Used for cutting, landscaping and forcing. There are 50 varieties. For example, Burgundy Lace, Maya, New Look, Sandy, his Wing, Frindzhid Beauty, Frindzhid, Apeldoorn, Exotics, etc.

characteristic feature of this class is an unusual form of exotic flowers and green color of varying intensity tepals in colored fringed -pink, white, reddish, yellow. Recommended for planting and cutting. Class includes 33 varieties -Artist, Greenland, QPS lady Gollivid, Samurai, etc.

Rembrandt. This class includes pestrotsvetkovye grade. Recommended for planting and cutting. Includes all 3 grades.

parrot . Plant height of 40-65 cm are characterized with wide large flowers with a deeply indented edges of the petals. Flower color is very diverse -yellow, red, green, white, purple. Reproduce well. Recommended for cutting. In a class of 74 grade. For example, Black Parrot, Orange Feyvorit, Texas Gold, Texas Flame, Faraday.

Terry later. sorta have gustomahrovye Peony flowers form, strong stems 45-60 cm tall multiply well. Recommended for cutting and landscape design.

The most common varieties

Mount Tecoma, Bonanza, Nice, Symphony, Eros, etc.

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