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Gardening Flowers Dahlia Culture

2015-07-13 00:00:00

cultural Dahlia

Dahlia Dahlia Cav .. aster family Asteraceae Dum .. sort unites 27 species. Motherland -the mountainous regions of Mexico, Colombia. Dahlias, common in floriculture are of hybrid origin and merged into a single view -dahlia cultural D. cultorum Thorsr. et. Reis.

perennial, herbaceous plant korneklubnevoe. Outdoors, not hibernate. Shrubs with straight, hollow in the interstices, branched stems, which at the base drevesneet height from 30 to 190 cm Leaves opposite, compound, pinnate, green, sometimes red-brown. Inflorescence -basket, from 3 to 30 cm in diameter, consisting of reed and asexual tubular flowers at the center.

Frost average. Relatively resistant to rotting berries. Sredneustoychiv downy mildew. When pruning leave 7-8 buds on the fruit escape.

zoned in the Dnipropetrovsk region.

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