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Gardening table grapes EARLY VIR

2015-08-15 00:00:00

table grapes

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table grapes

EARLY VIR. Display the Central Asian Experimental Station of VIR Chavush white X black Sultana.

Early variety. It ripens in early September. Bushes vigorous. Vine ripen well, light brown. The leaves are large, ovate, glubokorassechennye, five-, seven-bladed with a thick bristly hairs below. Bunches of medium size or weight of 230 g large, cylindrical or cylindric different densities. Berries are large, oval, sometimes ovoid, green or yellowish-pink with brown tan on the sunny side. The flesh is juicy, the skin is thin. Tasting score -7 points.

Sugar -16 g/100 cm3, acidity -6,4 g/dm3.

Frost average. Sredneustoychiv disease. When pruning on fruit escape at 3-4 vysokoshtambovoy formirovke left eye.

zoned in Crimea.

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