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Gardening Flowers cornflowers

2015-06-05 00:00:00


Mountain -rhizome perennial with simple ribbed stem 40-60 cm tall inflorescence last flowers are bright blue, medium -purple, white, blue, pink, light yellow and lavender-purple collected in the single large, up to 7 cm in diameter, baskets. Blooms from late May to August. Seeds ripen in July -August.

East up to 120 cm, with yellow flowers. V. beautiful 30-40 cm high, covered with white felt, mauve flowers.

whited up to 60 cm, with pinnatisect, below whitish pubescent leaves and pink flowers, gathered in large single baskets.

Russian 100-140 cm tall, with pinnately divided, bluish leaves and yellow flowers, gathered in large baskets. Flowers in June -July. Seeds ripen in July -August.

Propagate by seeds

cornflowers, dividing the bushes and cuttings. Seeds sown in spring or autumn in April to September in the open ground. Distance between plants 20-25 cm Seeds remain viable for up to three years. Cornflowers very undemanding to growing conditions. Grow well in full sun, not too wet, loose, permeable soils. Used for planting in perennial borders, a roller coaster, to cut off.

Verbena Verbena L.. family Verbenaceae Verbenaceae Jaume. The genus contains 80 species. Homeland -Brazil, Peru.

garden varieties are hybrids of different types, and divided into three groups: a. low height 20-35 cm; in. Mammoth with vigorous plants with creeping and creeping shoots up to 50 cm; in. Ordinary climber up to 40 cm flowers are small, 1.5-2.5 cm in diameter, large Removed in umbellate inflorescences, consisting of 30-60 flowers of various colors, from pure white to dark scarlet and dark purple.

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