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Gardening Flowers goosefoot family

2015-06-12 00:00:00

goosefoot family

Propagated by seeds that are sown in late April in pots for 1-2 pcs. Seedlings appear on the 10th day. In the open ground planted in May, after the spring frosts, at a distance of 50-70 cm from each other. Best grown in full sun. Used for planting in small groups and single crop, to create a background blossoming plants and decorating the walls.

kochia, summer cypress Kochia tricophylla Stapi. of the goosefoot family Cnenopodiaceae Vent .. Motherland -China.

annual plant, up to 1.2 m Stem gustooblistvenny, bushes oval or pyramidal shape. Leaves are small, emerald green, red autumn acquire.

Propagated by seeds that are sown directly into the ground in late April -early May. Thermophilic plant and requires a sunny location, but reconciled and shaded. Very easily tolerate a haircut lends itself to different formirovke bush. Used for single and group plantings, hedges.

Perilla Perilla L.. Family Labiatae La-miaceae L.. Motherland -India, China and Japan. Annual plant. In the culture of use Perillo Nanjing P. nankinensis L.. Bushes spreading, 40-60 cm tall leaves are dark purple, almost black. The flowers are small, greenish. Propagated by seeds, which are sown in boxes in April, shoots dive into pots. For plants with a compact form of a bush seedlings pinch. In the open ground it is planted in May after the spring frosts. Flowering in August -September.

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