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Gardening Cherry Worksheet for courting cherry

2015-08-19 00:00:00

Growing fruit rasteniy.Vishnya

Cherry-skoroplodnost culture. Trees begin to bear fruit in the third to fifth year after planting. Cherry varieties depending on the nature of growth are divided on the bush and tree. Bushy trees forms are small and produce fruit on one-year increments. Cherry tree -large mixed character fruiting -buketnye on branches and on-year increase. Most varieties of cherries low percentage of fruit set from self-pollination. Cherry quite taxing and well adapted to the different types of soil, is relatively easy to tolerate the proximity of groundwater, but bad -salinity.

Worksheet for courting cherry

Calendar of major works in the garden:

1 -obtaptyvanie snow around trunks to control mice; 2 -hilling plants snow on prishtambovyh circles; 3 -shaking off the branches with snow and ice; 4 -recuperate studs boles; 5 -dressing birds; 6 -release branches of snow; 7 -pruning and burning branches; 8 -melt retention and diversion of stagnant water; 9 -pereprivivki trees; 10 -digging holes and filling landing; 11 -Planting trees; 12 -whitewashing trees; 13 -nitrogen fertilizer, pus, bird droppings; 14 -and raking leaves prikopka or composting; 15 -backwashing soil; 16 -spraying of trees against pests and diseases; 17 -spraying of trees against kokomikoza after harvesting; 18 -watering trees; 19 -grass seed; 20 -pruning and burning branches that withered amazed monilieyPlodovaya or rot; 21 -brace grass; 22 -Collection and processing of fruits; 21 -budding; 24 -Making organic, phosphate and potash fertilizers; 25 -digging up the soil; 26 -tying trunks and main branches of young trees; 27 -eat mummified fetuses.

growing cherries

worksheet outlines the main activities to create highly productive plantings of cherries and care for them during the calendar year in home and collective gardens.

cherries and can be planted in the fall and spring. In southern spring planting is held in March, in the north -in April.
Accommodation. Cherry planted near the border area. In order to ensure cross-pollination next planting cherries. The distance between trees in the row slaboroslyh cherry cultivars 1.5-2 m, medium-and vigorous-2-3, and between a number of cherries and a number of other breeds -4-6 m depending on the vigor of the trees.

Soil Preparation, Planting trees. Before Planting soil dug up at the site, while making per 1 m2 kg pus 4-6, 70-80 grams of superphosphate, 40-50 grams of potassium salt. Dig a planting hole size 80X60-70 cm, making 8-10 kg of humus and 25 grams of a 2% granular gamma isomer of BHC to fight the May beetle larvae. Humus and insecticide mixed with topsoil and they sleep well at the 3/4 volume. Planting during the top of the pit poured pure soil, not mixed with fertilizers to prevent burns their roots.

Better to plant cherry

early spring. Before that seedlings carefully inspected, cut growths and damaged roots, ends nepovrezhennyh not trimmed. If some roots are too long, it is better to bend along the sides of the pit or undermine the pit. Seedlings, dried for storage, it is necessary for 1-2 days to soak in water. Immediately before Planting roots dipped into clay turbulence. Cherry trees planted so that the site of inoculation was 3-5 cm below the soil surface, which prevents the regrowth of shoots prishtambovoy podprivoya. Good soil in the pit tramp. Immediately after Planting around the tree form a hole into which pour 3-4 buckets of water, regardless of soil moisture, in order to expel the air from the hole and compact the soil. Then sprinkle the soil moist or dry mulch perepreloy straw, leaves and other plant residues. Torfokroshkoy mulch is impossible, because it absorbs at the water during the rainy season and do not miss it in the ground. During the spring and early summer, the trees are watered 3 -4 times, depending on soil moisture.

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