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Gardening Flowers Reproduction seeds

2015-07-05 00:00:00

Marigolds have

tonkolistye bushes 20-30 cm, silnovetvistye compact. Inflorescence small, consisting of one series of broad, mostly yellow reeds and small yellow or orange tubular flowers. Inflorescences at the ends of shoots collected shields.

blooms on 60-65th day after planting and bloom until frost. Seeds begin to ripen in August.

Propagated by seeds, sow them in boxes in late March or April, in the open ground -in late April. Plants are planted in May, after the frost. The distance between plants 30-50 cm tall, medium growth -20-30, 15-20 cm-stunted grow better in full sun, partial shade and tolerate. Tall varieties are planted and sredneroslye and used to slice. Low-growing varieties look good in borders, flowerbeds, balconies, as pot plants.

Cornflower Centaurea L.. Family Asteraceae Aste-i.iceae Dum. In genus has 500 species. Birthmarks -Europe, Asia, North Africa and America.

One-, two-and perennials with upright or lying stems. 1/4-1/5




1 1/4

Very dwarf


Half dwarf



Very vigorous
Up to 200





Viseu 700
M27, 57-195

M9 paradizka Budagovsky ,62-396 M26

M7, MM 102, MM 106,1-48-41,54-118

M 2, M 3, M 4, 57-490,57-233,1-48-46

M 11, M13, A2, 109 MM

M16, M25, seed

January 2

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