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Gardening Apple

2015-12-15 00:00:00

Growing fruit trees

How to plant an apple tree

Apple survives well in autumn and spring Planting. Autumn planting trees in the past month and a half before the freezing of the soil in the spring -with the start of field work. Amateur gardeners reclaim usually not suitable for different agricultural land use, slopes, sand. Therefore, preparation of soil, digging holes and filling number to direct the sandy soil. Gruntosmes Refills should be: 3-4 buckets of black soil, humus 1-2 buckets, 100-150 grams of superphosphate, 60-80 -potassium salt and 100 grams amiachnaya nitrate. All this is well stirred, poured into a hole 35-40 cm and tamped. On top of this mixture is poured tubercle pure black soil to prevent root burn particles of mineral fertilizers. To combat the May beetle larvae before zapravlyaniem holes on the bottom to make 20 grams of a 2% gamma isomer of BHC.

Planting can be one-and two-year seedlings. Replant fruit trees older age is not recommended. Before Planting seedling carefully inspected and slices healthy roots should be white. Dark and dark brown coloration of their tissues suggests that they are damaged by frost, Salduls or dried. Podmerzli cut and damaged roots and healthy cut at 1-2 cm to living tissue. Seedlings, dried due to poor storage, it is necessary for 1-2 days to put in the water.


process is not complicated, but requires accuracy and precision in compliance Planting depth, density utaptyvaniya soil and proper placement of trees. Apple trees are thrown so that their root collar on seedlings or place vegetatively propagated by grafting podprivoyah were 3-4 cm above the soil surface. As a rule, this is such a depth at which the seedling growing in the nursery. It is determined by the color of the crust. Part of the cortex, which is above the surface of the soil, dark green in color with different shades and underground -a bright orange hue. Planting depth is monitored by the landing boards or conventional direct rail, which lay across the pit.

After Planting trees form around the wells into which pour 3-4 buckets of water, and then mulch or peat humus crumbs. Despite the painstaking trampling soil during Planting seedlings, between him and the roots remain cavity, which leads to drying of the roots and development of mold on them. Dense soil around the roots can be watering, which should be carried out even when the rain comes. If after watering seedling with the soil settles very deep, gently tighten it up until it reaches the root collar level of the soil. After settling of the soil in the hole to tie seedling cola. Timing and amount of irrigation determine soil moisture and weather conditions. Stop watering in August. Spring planted trees pruned immediately after Planting and planted in the fall -only in early spring, to bud.

scheme of planting apple trees on the sand
apple seedling planting scheme

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